Community Crusaders

Hockey, Homes and Hot Dogs event at Salisbury Village raises $7,248 for Robin Hood Association

SHERWOOD PARK, AB – It was a bit of an odd situation on September 23rd; the Sherwood Park Crusaders, playing a road game in Sherwood Park?

Not a literal road game, mind you; the Crusaders were on the streets of Salisbury Village for Hockey, Homes and Hot Dogs, a day put on by the Crusaders and Avillia Developments to both raise funds for the Robin Hood Association, but to honour former Robin Hood CEO Ed Riediger for his countless contributions to the organization prior to his retirement in June.

Alice Kos, manager of community connections for the Robin Hood had this to say:“Robin Hood Association was delighted to be part of Hockey, Homes and Hot Dogs. This event exemplified inclusive community engagement and collaboration, with the businesses and organizations involved joining forces for a common purpose. We are deeply grateful to Avillia Developments, the Sherwood Park Crusaders, Bedrock Homes, Kimberley Homes, Cameron Homes and Average Joes for their generous support of Robin Hood, and for exhibiting such genuine community spirit! Our sincere thanks also go out to everyone who attended, took part in the hockey clinics, toured the stunning show homes and showed their support for Robin Hood.”

Located in Salisbury Village, Hockey Homes and Hot Dogs featured a number of street hockey skills clinics put on by the Sherwood Park Crusaders. In addition to the Crusaders street hockey skills, a sledge hockey station hosted by the Robin Hood proved to be a highlight of the day for many participants. For those looking for a bite to eat, Average Joes Sports Bar was on hand to take care of the Hot Dogs portion of the event and BBQ’ing for everyone in attendance.

“It was a great initiative to see our organization take part in, to be able to engage with the community is something that goes a long way in Sherwood Park.” said Crusaders broadcaster Taylor Medak. “As well, it's always beneficial when the Crusaders get the opportunity to work with the Robin Hood Association. They are first class and go above & beyond in their mission. Anytime we can mention the Crusaders and the Robin Hood Association in the same sentence, it's a good thing. Plus, who doesn't love hot dogs?”

The Crusaders would like to thank Avillia Developments, Marcson Homes, Bedrock Homes, Kimberly Homes, Rohit Communities, Average Joes Sports Bar and the Robin Hood Association for their participation in such a great day!

The Crusaders can next be found in the community on October 31st as part of SafeHalloween.