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The Sherwood Park Crusaders are looking for families to billet our student/athletes!

The hockey club greatly values the billet families that host the Crusaders players when they are away from their homes during the hockey season. Without the help of billet families, the players would not be able to play for the team. Billet's are invaluable to the Crusaders and we appreciate all of their hard work.

Billeting can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. As a billet family you play a very important role. By opening your home to the players you provide them with a stable and secure home away from home. There are many long lasting friendships that develop between players and billets.

If you are interested in becoming a billet please email the Crusaders at, or feel free to call at 780-913-2185!


Billet Guidelines

Provide three (3) nutritious meals and snacks to the player. Meals should be wholesome and varied. Flexibility on behalf of billets and players is needed in this area. Players do not need to eat steak every day!!! Billets should talk with their player and determine his preferences in food and times to eat . Pregame meals are important, on average, players should eat 4-5 hours before a game, but this may vary. If no one is home and the player cannot prepare his own meal then plans to reheat a meal should be made.

Support, communications and understanding are vital. The key to success will be communication. Make sure you talk to your player about your expectations. Things that are not acceptable in your home may have been in theirs unless addressed; little things might develop into big problems. (i.e. shower use. Laundry, telephone, dishes, missing items).

The hockey team enforces curfew and rules on alcohol, a zero tolerance for banned substances; this is addressed to the entire team.

Girlfriends are expected to leave at curfew (or early as designated by a agreement with the Billet and his Billet Family), girlfriends are not allowed in player’s bedrooms. Handle this subject pertaining to your house rules. Please notify the Billet Coordinator if problems arise from this.

Billets are not obligated to provide a player with a computer or the lending of your vehicle. Players are not permitted to leave the city without permission from the coach/general manager. The hockey club will ensure that the players have their own transportation or will arrange for transportation.

If you are going away for a vacation, please notify the team and accommodations will be provided for your player. Arrange long distance phone calls with your player, as payment will be their responsibility.

Billets will receive remuneration each month. Billet Families also receive 2 season tickets.


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