Crusaders Travel To Drayton Valley

Sherwood Park Crusaders (14-6-1) @ Drayton Valley Thunder (8-9-4) November 11th, 2015 7:30 PM

Media: AJHL Web TV

Normally there would be a collection of words, statistics and quotes to get you set, informed and interested in tonight’s Alberta Junior Hockey League game between our beloved Sherwood Park Crusaders and the Drayton Valley Thunder.  But on this 11th day in the month of November there will not be a preview, no statistics no quotes, just the reminder that as fans, parents, players, coaches and citizens of this great nation, we cannot take these games for granted. 

Without the past and present sacrifices of our armed forces, us as hockey fans would not be able to enjoy the game we love at any level.  We would not be able to dissect the matchups, be free to ‘post’ our opinion on the line combinations and watch players play a game that we all cherish.

Once you have finished reading this piece, please take a moment to give thanks and remember those who continue to fight, have fought and lost their lives for our nation, our sovereignty and our way of life.

Without them, freedom is not possible…















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-Story By Taylor Medak