Massie effect

With 24 points in the 2010-2011 season and 30 points in the 2011-2012 campaign, Crusader Dillon Massie can only be expected to continue to get better from here.

The 18-year-old forward is en route to do so, and although he has two years of eligibility left with the Crusaders, the Sherwood Park native is one of this year’s assistant captains.

“It means a lot,” Massie said of being able to don the A. “It lets me know that the coaches trust me, and it lets me know that I can speak up in the dressing room and lead by example on the ice. It means a lot to me.”

He continued, saying it’s his job to help the rookies continue to get better: “I just give them tips in practice and make them feel part of the team. I think that once you feel like you’re part of a team, things come a bit easier for you. I just give them little pointers and stuff.”

According to head coach and general manager Tim Fragle, speaking up is one issue Massie hasn’t had a problem with this season.

“He’s probably, out of all of our leadership crew, he’s probably our most vocal guy,” Fragle said. “He’s a lot more talk, provides a lot more good and positive reinforcement, whereas most of our other leaders are kind of guys who lead by example. He’s more of the energy-type guy of our leadership group.”

That doesn’t mean Massie doesn’t produce on the ice. In the 19 games he’s played to date, Massie has picked up three goals and seven assists for 10 points, also serving 34 penalty minutes.

“I see myself as being a good 2A forward,” Massie said. “If I work hard defensively, then things are going to come offensively. I think I can definitely chip in on the offensive side of things, too.”

Massie’s expectations of himself are right in line with what’s being expected of him by the coaching staff, although there’s still work to be done, as Massie hasn’t scored a goal since the fifth game of the season.

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