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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Assistant Coach, Full-Time

June 14th, 2022 @ 2:38 pm

General Statement of Duties

  • Provide knowledge to help progress the hockey operations of the organization.
  • Assist management and coaching staffwith the organization and administration of all aspects of the hockey operations; including team play, individual players, and executing on delivery of potential Crusaders Hockey Development programs.

Primary Responsibilities: Works and reports directly to Head Coach and Associate GM

  • Communicate daily with the Head Coach on hockey operation issues.
  • Support practice preparation and execution, game planning, and pre-scouting responsibilities
  • Assist Head Coach for game execution, including assigned special teams responsibilities, bench management, tactical adjustments, and post-game breakdowns
  • Lead or support on-ice player development sessions
  • Lead video and analytical analysist for team education, incuding rostered players and prospects
  • Support Crusaders Strength & Development Program
  • Lead creation and delivery of potential Crusaders Hockey Development Program
  • Lead or support team building activities as assigned
  • Support staff with player recruitment, scouting, and roster management
  • Support the faciltation of Crusaders Identification and Training Camps
  • Support staff in developing team identity, ensuring all team systems and tactics including special teams as assigned by the head coach.
  • Assist with coordinating team travel, scheduling, and billeting
  • Assist in enhancing community relations and active community representation of the Sherwood Park Crusaders.

Minimum Requirements

  • Passion and strong knowledge of the game.
  • Excellent work ethic, positive attitude, and ability to work in a team environment
  • Previous coaching experience in elite minor, junior, college, or professional hockey
  • Up-to-date Hockey Canada Certification
  • Knowledge of the Canadian Junior Hockey League and Alberta Junior Hockey League preferred
  • Strong communication skills, both writen and orally
  • Detail oriented with great organizational skills
  • Ability to maintain relationships with management, league officials, facility representatives, media, colleagues, and the general public
  • Maintain a professional approach and represent the community well
  • Innovative with teaching approach and methods
  • Criminal Record Check

The Sherwood Park Crusaders are an equal opportunity organization that does not discriminate and values diversity. We thank all applicants for their interest, however only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.

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