Meet The Cru: Brandon Wallis

Name: Brandon Wallis

Position: Centre

Number: 73

Midget Team:Sherwood Park Midget AAA Kings

Favourite NHL Team: Vancouver Canucks

Favourite opponent, you’ve played against:

Fort McMurray Oil Barons

Do you have any pre game rituals:

Before home games, I always stretch in the same spot in the stands every time, have a cup of gato and a piece of gum, before on ice warm up. During intermissions have one piece of gum and a cup of gato as well, if not before but during.

Why’d you pick the jersey number you have:

I picked the number 73 because I’d always worn 7 in minor hockey and my sister's favourite number is 3, so I wanted to wear them both.

What do you want to go after your time is up in junior hockey:

After my time is junior is over I’d like to go to school and hopefully be fortunate enough to continue playing hockey at the collegiate level

What do you do in the offseason:

In the off season I work back home in Yellowknife and train as much as I can, then also spend time with friends and family.

Favourite memory as a Crusader:

All the bus trips we take where we get to hangout and bond as a team, get closer to one another.

Top moment of the 2017/18 season:

My top moment of 2017/2018 was when I doubled my points from the previous season, it was a goal of mine, and I was very pleased to have achieved it