Meet The Cru: Erik Miller

Name: Erik Miller     Position: Centre    Number: 22

Favourite opponent, you’ve played against:

I would say my favourite opponent would be the Grande Prairie Storm. We always had good games against them, and it was always competitive physical games.

Do you have any pre game rituals:

I’m someone who isn’t too superstitious, but the biggest thing for me is keeping it loose and not being too over the top. Just keeping it loose and relaxed so I’m ready to play the game.

Why’d you pick the jersey number you have:

I chose the number because my Dad said he liked it and I’ve tried to stick with it ever since.

What do you want to go after your time is up in junior hockey:

I would like to continue playing hockey, whether that is at the pro level or to play for a school team at university.

What do you do in the offseason:

For me, I like to take a week or two off after the season then I’ll start to train for the next season along with skating. In the summer, I’ll also take some time away for vacations with family and friends. I also like to golf as much as I can and eat when I have the chance.

Favourite memory as a Crusader:

I would say my first game with them. I grew up coming to Crusader games, and it was special putting on that jersey.

Top moment of the 2017/18 season:

I would say the playoffs were my favourite moment. We met our goal of making it. Next year we just have to build off of what we did this year and go farther in the playoffs.