Top 20 Moments of 2016/2017 – Moment #10

The Crusaders Fan Bus to Lloydminster, was one ride that won't be forgotten.

That night, the Crusaders were taking on the Lloydminster Bobcats, for the first time in a long time the Cru had organized a fan bus to go to the game and cheer on the team. Of course, with the best laid plans always come some unexpected hiccups, and this one was almost no different!

The trip was almost put on hold as a severe snow storm hit the Lloydminster area hard. The matchup was close to being postponed due to fan safety. At one point, the Lloydminster Police shut down the highway, not allowing anybody to leave the city. However, the weather didn't stop the Cru fan bus from plowing their way down the Yellowhead Trail, eventually making it to the border city safe and sound.

The Cru fans were greeted by the local news team looking to talk to somebody about the fan bus. Both Crusaders marketing and media director Spencer Love and two Cru fans spoke with the news team.

Despite everything that happened on the way, there was still a game to play.

Both the Crusaders and Bobcats rewarded the traveling Cru fans with a highly entertaining game. To the disappointment of the away fans, the Bobcats took the lead early in the first courtesy of Zach Webb. The Crusaders didn’t back down though, coming back from the one-goal deficit to score four goals before the final buzzer went.

Whilst on route back home, the Crusaders team bus was hit with some engine failings. The failures forced the fan bus to stop and help out adding an additional hour to what was already a long trip.

Eventually, both buses made it home with memories that nobody will forget anytime soon.

The feedback from the Crusaders fans was excellent; so good that the team will be adding more fan buses to this year's schedule.

Thank you for your continuous support Cru fans!