Woywitka Replaces Belle on Crusaders Bench

Every great warrior needs to change their weapon every so often. As the Trojans had to trade Achilles in for a wooden horse,so did the Crusaders have to trade excellence for, well, excellence!

The Crusaders are proud to announce the hiring of former NHL defender Jeff Woywitka as our new Associate Coach! Jeff replaces Shawn Belle, who had previously stepped down to pursue a new opportunity, moving into the coaching ranks at NAIT with former bench boss Tim Fragle.

“Shawn is a tough guy to lose, and we really do wish
him the best at NAIT. He truly was phenomenal to
work with, and his passion not only for the team,
but for the guys on it, was outstanding.” said Crusaders Marketing and Media Manager, Spencer Love, on the departure.

“That being said, and without having met yet, Jeff’s
wealth of hockey knowledge can only be an asset to
this team. We’re thrilled to have him here!”

Woywitka, who had previously played for the Edmonton Oilers, St. Louis Blues, Dallas Stars, and New York Rangers, last played for the Augsburger Panther of the DEL.

A further release will be made shortly.

-Crusaders Staff

photo courtesy of zimbio.com